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The Bonds You Make With Your Sisters Are Priceless

The Bonds You Make With Your Sisters Are Priceless

It is a common myth that movies, TV shows, and social media put into people’s heads: If you join a Greek organization, you are paying for your friends.

With the hype of recruitment and new members, I have recently seen many non-Greek people posting, tweeting, and yaking, “if you join a sorority, you are paying for your friends.” This is one topic that really pushes my buttons. When people make this statement to me I ask them one question: “do you pay dues for [insert club/organization name here]?” Like any club or organization on a college campus, sororities cost money. So if you say I “pay for my friends” doesn’t that mean you are “paying for your friends” too?

Now you might be asking, what do girls get out of their dues? There are a number of things that your dues cover, such as housing, socials, apparel, sisterhood activities, formal, and philanthropy events.


What joining a sorority comes down to is the bonds you make with your sisters, which is priceless. Money doesn’t pay for a home away from home, hugs, a shoulder to cry on, roommates, future bridesmaids, conversations outside of the library at  11 p.m., or personal growth. I could never pay enough money to have the relationship that I have with my sisters. I have a unique connection with each one of my sisters, and although I may not best friends with all of them, I know they will have my back at the end of the day.

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