How To Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

December 7, 2016

How To Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

December 7, 2016
How To Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

Happy blogmas day six! I can’t believe I have blogged six days in a row (a record for me)! Today, I bring you simple tips to avoid the stress this holiday season. From simple things, such as making shopping lists, to checking over your car before a long road trip, these tips will help you stay stress-free (at least a little less stressed) through the holiday season!

Budget your money and make gift lists

The holiday season can get stressful very quickly because of money. Save money throughout the year particularly for Christmas presents and make a budget once it gets closer to the holidays. Then, come up with a Christmas list and research the prices of each item. This will ensure you are sticking to your budget and will eliminate aimless shopping expeditions.

Make a game plan for shopping

After you make your shopping lists, log on to your local mall’s website and find the map of stores. Plot your path so you can easily and efficiently shop for all of your Christmas presents. While at the mall, avoid excessive browsing since it can quickly eat up your available time and money.

Make sure your car is winter ready

If you’re traveling by car during the holiday season, make sure your vehicle is in good running order for the trip. Check belts, hoses, air pressure, fluid levels and windshield wipers, and battery voltage. Also, make sure you have your roadside assistance’s phone number saved in your phone and written down on a piece of paper in your glove box in case your phone dies.

Wrap presents as you go

Instead of waiting until  December 23 or 24 to wrap presents, wrap them as you buy them. This will save you time and stress as Christmas approaches. Plus, your presents will look beautiful wrapped under your Christmas tree!

Exercise and eat well

Just because it is the holidays doesn’t mean you should discontinue your healthy habits, including diet and exercising. Make sure you stick to your routine throughout the holiday season!

Meditate and do yoga

If you find yourself really stressed out, take some time to just relax and meditate. You can even do some simple yoga poses to help you relieve some stress! I love to do yoga and it is very calming.

Keep it simple

If you are hosting a holiday party know that the food doesn’t have to be fancy and you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations. A fire in the fireplace can set the mood and fresh greens are beautiful anywhere in the house. The people make the party!

Remember the reason for the season

A lot of the time, people get caught up in the gift-giving and forget about the reason for the season. Take a moment to step back and evaluate how you view the season. Christmas is not just about celebrating Jesus’s birthday, but it is also the time we individually celebrate the rebirth of Jesus into our lives. If you have been struggling in your faith this year, take the holidays as a time to start fresh and improve. Also remember that spending time with family and friends is better than any presents you can give!

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