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Every Day I’m Cyclin’ | Bike for Tikes 2015

Bike for Tikes 2015

Wow…. This weekend was amazing. Not only did I bike 180 miles (from Cincinnati to Bowling Green) and raise $1,024.80, but all of the bikers combined raised more than $100,000 and Dance Marathon raised a total of $341,749.34 for the kids at Mercy Children’s Hospital! Despite the pain in my knees, the sun poisoning on my hands, and the gusting winds that I rode head-on into, I knew it was nothing compared to the pain that the children in the hospital experience every day. With the motivation of the miracle families, my sisters, the men of TKE, family, and friends (new and old) I was able to keep going and never give up. I also raised my goal of $1,000, which I wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of the amazing people that donated to my donor drive. I am so thankful for everyone that donated and made this weekend so amazing. The 20th anniversary of Dance Marathon at BGSU couldn’t have been better!

1509946_10206072367186509_4909173622039765247_n  11072768_10206072369106557_8638908888125421761_n  11102800_10206072367866526_2119357271212325460_n

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New friends.

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11173354_10206082927770517_8704091647282457872_n  10155682_10206095315120193_5869418988747545832_n  10407713_10206095315160194_4430069189256730534_n     


Robbie is one of the miracle children who had cancer in his knee. He did the whole ride with us!  


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