Adventures in the Windy City

May 19, 2014

Adventures in the Windy City

May 19, 2014

On Friday morning I got up bright and early at 4 a.m. to catch the Amtrak train in Toledo to Chicago. It was a nice ride and pretty cheap considering I probably would have spent more one gas and tolls if I drove there. Once I got there my boyfriend picked me up at Union Station and we went to explore the city. We went to a restaurant called Portillo’s and it was pretty good. My boyfriend is obsessed with it! They have Chicago style hotdogs, burgers, and such. If any of you go there you should definitely try it.

After we walked around Michigan Ave and did some shopping. I finally got to go to a Vineyards Vines store! I was slightly disappointed though because they didn’t have any of the hats or the t-shirt that I wanted. Next, we went to Willis Tower and we went up on the 103rd floor. It was breathtaking and the views were amazing. We also stood on the overhang that is all class and allows you to basically stand over the city. It was a little scary since I am kind of afraid of heights, but it was definitely worth it. If you ever go to Chicago I definitely suggest it!

Corey also took me to the American Girl store, where I relived my childhood. I was so excited because I didn’t think he would want to go! When I was little I loved American Girls and had 8 of them! I also loved the American Girl books and the stories behind each girl. My favorite was Kit because she looked just like me when I was little.

For the rest of the day we did some other things including visiting Navy Pier, and of course the bean. We also met up with my old skating coach and got dinner. The following day my boyfriend took me around his town Naperville. It is such a cool and pretty suburb just about a half hour outside of the city. It was really nice to see his hometown.

On Sunday we went to a pub in downtown Chicago and watch the Blackhawks game. After the game, we walked around the city for a little bit and then I had to head back to Union station to catch my train home. I had such a great time visiting that I didn’t want to leave. I am not sure when I will get to see Corey again. He is such a great boyfriend for taking me around the city.

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