5 Study Tips to Get You Through Finals Week

Happy Monday! Finals are among us and you know what that means… Studying… If you are anything like me you probably procrastinate until the very last second. Over my five years of college I have been able to figure out tricks and hacks to make studying easier, and to do better on my exams. Therefore, today, I am sharing my top 5 study tips!

1. Alternate Study Spaces
Throughout my college experience I have always headed to the library to study for tests and exams; however, scientists are suggesting that alternating study spaces “improves retention,” according to the New York Times . Because memory is associated by location, changing up your study spots will increase the probability of remembering what you have learned. Try heading to a quiet floor of your student union, or one of the academic halls on your campus next time you study.

2. Alternate Study Material
While studying you may find yourself spending hours focusing on one subject area at a time. Eventually you get bored or find that you aren’t retaining the information. According to the same New York Times article, varying the material you study in a single sitting leaves “a deeper impression on the brain than just focusing on just one skill at a time.” Start studying for all of your exams ahead of time and spend a little time studying for each one.

3. Create a Routine
We have all tried going to the library a day or two before a exam and running a study marathon. We have also tried to pull all nighters in hope of retaining the information the night before an exam. Studying for 10 hours straight and pulling all-nighters is not going to help you retain any information and you may even do worse on an exam because you are sleep deprived. Instead of running a study marathon, create a schedule that allows you to study in chunks over a period of time. By managing your time and studying in chunks you will retain the information more effectively.

4. Study in Groups
Never underestimate the power of your peers! Something I have discovered over the last year of my college career is that I learn and retain more when I study with my classmates. Working out problems together and analyzing the material is a great way to make sure you understand it. You might even make a friend in the process.

5. Go to Class Throughout the Semester
This one might seem like a no brainer, but large lectures and 8 a.m. classes make class feel optional. The best way to prepare for tests is to actually attend class and participate daily. Throughout my college experience I have found that I learn the material best when I am in class. I actively participate everyday, which helps me remember the material. By attending class you have already begun the process of reviewing and will know what to expect on the exam, especially if you are anything like me an haven’t actually done the reading… Oops.
Happy Studying!
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