30 Days to Healthy Living with Arbonne: My Final Results

February 12, 2018

30 Days to Healthy Living with Arbonne: My Final Results

February 12, 2018

As some of you have been following me over the last few months may know, I started the 30 Days to Healthy Living with Arbonne back in October. I documented my first two weeks (week 1 blog post and week 2 blog post) doing the 30-day program but totally failed at documenting the last two. From October 23 to November 22 I lost a total of 10 lbs! For the first time in a long time, I was feeling my best and I was so happy I finally found something that was helping me lose the weight I wanted.

30 Days to Healthy Living with Arbonne

Before I started the clean eating program back in October, I thought I was eating healthy and I worked out almost every weekday. But it seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I kept gaining more weight and always felt tired. What I didn’t realize is that toxins and imbalanced hormones can keep you from losing weight. The healthy living program is different than anything else I have ever tried and I was so happy I gave it a chance!

And then the holidays came…

I didn’t really gain any weight back over the holiday’s, but I really let myself indulge and I was turning back to bad eating habits. There is nothing bad with indulging a little, but I was really getting far away from that 80/20 lifestyle I planned to carry out after the 30-day program. SO I made a commitment to myself starting January 1st that I was DONE with the excuses and that it was time to take care of my body and follow through with it.

It’s been six weeks now and I am so proud of how far I have come so far! I know health is all about progress and I am continuing to make healthy choices every day. Here are my results from January 1 to yesterday, February 11.

30 Days to Healthy Living with Arbonne

I am feeling VERY vulnerable about posting these photos… I’m posting this in hopes it inspires some of you to say YES to your own transformational journey. You don’t have to live feeling like NOTHING WORKS. This program is incredible, the support is unlike any other, and I am on a mission to help change as many lives as possible through it. It is SO much more than just 28 days. It’s a lifestyle change to a lifelong wellness journey.

If you are interested in doing the 30 Days to Healthy Living program, please contact me at katie@kasuallykatie with the subject “Arbonne”

I would love to help you get started and share with you how you can get up to 40% off the kit! 🙂

xoxo,Kasually Katie


  • datesandavocados.com August 18, 2019 at 7:02 pm

    Keep on working, great job!

  • Chirstine August 21, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Did you exercise while on the 30day Arbonne? I just started and want to make sure I get maximum results.

    • Kasually Katie August 21, 2019 at 3:43 pm

      I do! I typically exercise 3-4 times a week. I do a 45 minute interval class at my gym once a week and a barre class another day a week. The other two days I either lift on my own or do cardio. On my off days I will do some stretching at home or go for a walk around my neighborhood.

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